Blackout Blinds in Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Surrounding Areas

Did you know blackout blinds aren’t actually blinds? They refer to any custom blinds that have been made using blackout fabrics. So, the good news is that you can have them installed at your Cheltenham or Gloucester home in whatever style you like. The term is used specifically to highlight that the blinds’ fabric blocks out daylight completely, a bonus for those who work nightshifts, have younger children, or wish to achieve the benefits of a home cinema during the day.

At EJ Blinds, we proudly offer our clients a wide range of standard and custom window dressings. Our team is skilled in adapting these to blackout blinds whenever possible, ensuring you get the perfect window dressing solution for your needs.

We also specialise in outdoor awnings, perfect-fit blinds, and roller blinds.


Suited For Every Room

Many homeowners choose these blinds for bedrooms, but they are suitable for other areas around the house. We’ve already mentioned home cinemas, but they’re ideal for those looking for more privacy. Not only do they stop light from coming in, but they also stop it from getting out. This prevents outsiders from seeing you moving around.

Some clients have had them installed in home offices to reduce screen glare on particularly bright and sunny days.

Which Ones Will You Choose?

From roller to honeycomb, Roman to Venetian, our custom blackout blinds are the perfect choice for many clients. They offer a wealth of benefits and are quickly installed with minimum fuss.

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Choose EJ Blinds for:

  • Thermal Blinds

  • Energy Efficient Blinds

  • Day & Night Blinds

Blackout Thermal Blinds

Thermal blackout blinds are designed to block out light and insulate windows, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Made with a special lining, they improve energy efficiency, enhance privacy, and create a dark environment ideal for sleeping, making them a practical and versatile window treatment.

Blackout Energy-Efficient Blinds

Energy-efficient blinds, such as our honeycomb blinds, are designed to reduce heat transfer through windows. Their unique structure traps air, providing insulation that keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This enhances comfort, lowers energy bills, and creates a more sustainable living environment.

Day and Night Blinds

These highly popular blinds combine two layers of fabric: one sheer and one blackout. This dual-functionality offers versatility, allowing control over light filtration and privacy levels. With the ability to switch between sheer and blackout modes, they provide both ambience and functionality, enhancing comfort in any room.

With so many options available, choosing the right blackout blinds for your property in Cheltenham, Gloucester, or the surrounding areas may prove difficult. Our team at EJ Blinds are happy to help and will give you all the time you need to make the right decision for your home and budget.

We also offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all installations.

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